The Waking Engine, or wth is going on here?

I was excited about reading this book based on the premise and cover art. I love science fiction and I feel like it’s rare to find a not super cheesy one.
I got the ARC (Advanced Reading Copy) of Waking Engine and dug in. But once I started I just wanted to stop. I kept asking questions out loud while reading about various courses of action or characters that were popping up with little explanation.   Continue reading

Blood, Bones, and Butter: The Inadvertent Education of a Reluctant Chef


“I wrote a book in a way that I would like more people to write books,” Ms. Hamilton said. “I’m not afraid of the real truth. There is nothing you can tell me about yourself that is going to make me clutch my pearls.”

The memoir by chef Gabrielle Hamilton, owner of Prune Restaurant in New York City provides a lush reading experience with details to satisfy even the pickiest of reading palettes.

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